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Front Line Ministries has been established in response to the need for Christian people-skills support services for missionaries and mission organizations regardless of church affiliation.

Missionaries around the world are nurtured, renewed, and equipped to administer grace in their work and in their personal relationships.

"From Him the whole body, joined and held together by
every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in loves,
as each part does its work."

Ephesians 4:16

  Establish an effective comprehensive support program to deal with the challenges of human relationships that missionaries face: dealing with people differences, resolving interpersonal conflict, dealing with the feelings of discouragement or loneliness, and other personal issues.

  Reduce the attrition rate of missionaries and the recurring expense of recruiting and training new people.

  Provide these services to missionaries, missions organizations and national churches throughout the world.

Situation Analysis


Missionaries and mission teams who deal practically and effectively with the stressors in their lives not only reveal the fruit of the Lord's Spirit to the people in their corners of the world, they also are far more likely to be effective in their mission and to be better sustain their impact for a longer time. Clearly, helping missionaries in this way helps the various mission organizations better reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, the mission organization can serve more cost effectively, by reducing the heavy turnover of missionaries and the recurring expense of recruiting and training new people.

  Team training in people differences, team building and conflict management which will enhance the team's vision and level of effectiveness.

  Spiritual renewal and refreshment through seminars and retreats.

  Preventative training seminars to help missions staff learn skills for enhancing ministry and personal relationships.

  Informational seminars assisting missionaries in strengthening their marriages and families.

  Personal confidential counseling through the use of email.

  Technological assistance in developing personalized materials to help missionaries communicate their stories (and thereby decreasing the amount of time away from
the field).

Complete Member Care - Teleios - Colossians 1:28