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Model for Growth

What has been clear for some time is that the burden for caring for the needs of missionaries is far too great a task for one person to tackle alone. Front Line Ministries has numerous tasks that would benefit from a full-time person to focus on each area. During the last five months of 2001, significant research was gathered regarding the best ways to add staff to Front Line Ministries in order to increase our ability to serve missionaries. Discussions were held with our board of directors, missions leaders and business leaders. The result is what we believe to be an effective means of gaining excellence in talent at an economical cost – especially given the current condition of the economy.

The strategy that will best fulfill our need for additional staff is to seek out people with excellent skill levels in different needed job areas who also possess a passion for serving missionaries and the national church. Each staff person will continue to be gainfully employed in their chosen career field. We will then help each new staff to raise a specified amount of personal support. S/he will then be paid as a consultant with FLM commensurate with amount of time they contribute to ministry and commensurate with the amount of funds in their ministry account.

Through this method of bringing in additional staff as consultants, Front Line Ministries can begin immediately addressing our ever-expanding ministry needs. We can add staff with excellent talent and shared vision at an economical cost.

This model for growth is how FLM has been operating financially, under the leadership of founder and president, Bill Wakefield, since the its inception in January of 1998. Maintaining an ability to work in his chosen career as counselor, coach and consultant, Bill Wakefield, the founder and president of FLM, has alleviated the need to raise more dollars via support through FLM. Therefore, support given to Front Line Ministries is maximized.

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