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Front Line Ministries’ focus is on team and leadership development. Front Line Ministries’ professional team development models have proven effective in many different settings. Front Line Ministries is committed to providing tools, guidance and focus for teams to meet and exceed their goals and expectations.

Honoring People Differences and Team Building

Teams often state they are unable to move beyond individual differences in order to work effectively as a group. This leads to plateauing of work efficiency and a diminished ability to accomplish stated objectives. The result is personal and professional frustration, loss of team synergy and eventually decline of team effectiveness.

Honoring People Differences and Team Building uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to explain individual strengths and talents that team members bring to the team. In this training you will understand your basic style of communication with others, how this style differs from those who work with you, and how to more effectively accomplish objectives as a team by communicating while honoring people differences.

Enhancing Team Performance

The high level of acceptance of Honoring People Differences and Team Building has led virtually all of the teams with which we have worked to ask Front Line Ministries: What is the next step we can take to enhance our team’s performance? Enhancing Team Performance is completely experiential and interactive, based on using feedback gained from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, to teach team members how to build stronger working relationships. Tools gained in this training are exercised in a practical way so that team performance can be effectively enhanced long after Front Line Ministries’ consulting time with a team has concluded.

Looking at Personality Type and Learning Styles

Educators gain a tremendous sense of accomplishment as students learn new concepts and develop an understanding of how concepts apply in life. There is little that is more frustrating to an educator than not being able to communicate concepts effectively to all students so that students can grow at the same pace in the education process.

Looking at Personality Type and Learning Styles uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to form a basic understanding of personality type. Personality type is then utilized to help educators gain an improved understanding of the strengths of their teaching style. Attention is given to identifying the different learning styles of students. The goal of the training is to equip educators with a wide array of tools with which to enhance the educational process for even the most difficult students.

Thinking Outside the Box

Decision-making is most frequently made based on personality type. Thinking Outside the Box utilizes the type preferences in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in a zig-zag process. The steps in the process can be thought of as four bases that need to be covered to make a sound decision.

The Zig-Zag Process for Problem Solving

From People Types and Tiger Stripes (3rd ed.) Copyright 1993 by Gordon Lawrence. Used with permission.

As individuals, we are naturally interested in and drawn to two of the bases and much less interested in the others. The two bases that call to us are represented by the middle two letters in our type formula. We are prone to start the process and spend the bulk of our problem-solving with our favorite steps. Similarly, we are less likely to spend much time on, and may even omit, the other two steps. When individuals or groups fail to adequately cover a base, a less than quality decision is often made.

Thinking Outside the Box challenges teams to utilize all four type functions (to work together) to generate the most creative ideas, therefore making better team decisions. Team exercises will use a combination of mock situations and real life work situations to practice thinking outside of the box.

Team Building by Resolving Conflict

High-level management teams employ people of excellence who exhibit discipline and passion about life. They enjoy their role in shaping the world around them. When teams consist of individuals who operate with excellence and passion yet differ in personality style and perspective, conflict is inevitable. Front Line Ministries believes that the tension of team interaction, determining major company policy and business-growth change, can be viewed as positive tension. Team Building by Resolving Conflict is designed for teams experiencing conflict. This training teaches practical ways to resolve conflict internally (within one’s self) and externally (with team members). This allows the team to be restored to its shared purpose and vision, while honoring individual differences, as opposed to reconstructing the team with new members. The team can again focus on pursuing business objectives by maximizing the individual talents of its members.

Effective Problem-Solving

Teams can feel ineffective in problem-solving and believe they are not reaching goals and objectives as quickly as they would like. Front Line Ministries often discovers that teams are not identifying and solving the appropriate problems first. The immediate presenting problem is therefore solved ineffectively with a short-term solution. Effective Problem-Solving teaches teams how to identify core problems. A model of team problem-solving is introduced that allows teams to effectively and efficiently reach goals and objectives. Mock sessions are designed to provide the team with hands-on experience in implementing the problem-solving model prior to the team re-entering its work environment.

Maintaining a Healthy Marriage While in Ministry

The call on one’s life to minister for the Lord is a high honor. The stress of ministry on marriage is well-documented. Satan seeks to attack ministry by attacking marriage. This seminar teaches practical tools for marriage renewal while in ministry. Focus is placed on resolving resentment, improving communication, resolving conflict and outlining a successful strategy for a healthy marriage in ministry.

Building Self-Esteem through a Stronger Identity in Christ

Individuals from time to time suffer with depression or anxiety. This workshop will teach basic tools to help build a stronger identity in Christ so that depression and anxiety can be overcome, freeing the individual to follow God’s call on their lives.

Creating Healthy Structure for Students to Learn By

Students maintain their focus and learn more effectively when they understand the basic rules of the classroom structure: respect, responsibility and relationship. This workshop focuses on using the “three R’s” to create a better environment for learning. Using the “three R’s” will allow educators to be better able to communicate concepts effectively to their students so that students can grow at a similar pace in the educational process.

Building Self-Esteem in Students through a Stronger Identity in Christ

Educators truly desire to impact the character development of students in addition to student’s academic development. Students from time to time suffer with depression or anxiety. This workshop will teach basic tools to help students build a stronger identity in Christ so that depression and anxiety can be overcome. Worry-free students learn better and grasp God’s call in their lives more quickly.

Professional Coaching

Professional coaching is a highly personalized coaching package designed to meet the needs of specific situations and individuals. We help identify individual needs and develop a coaching package personally suited to those needs. We teach leaders how to maximize their potential in their existing professional setting. We can also teach leaders how to identify and pursue new opportunities for ministry and professional growth beyond their current positions. We teach leaders how to maximize their ministry relationships. We teach leaders how to develop their ideas into effective products. We teach leaders how to lead effectively.